‘Me Gustan Cortos’ is born due to the lack of variety in short film projections and festivals from Cantabria, Spain, -but with the intention of being an international show of short films- where genres such as science-fiction, action or thriller are usually put aside, as they are not considered as ‘good cinema’,

This project is created under the premise to collect shortfilms of those genres, accessible to the public via the Internet, showing the undeniable cinematic quality of dozens of international works. So, here you will regularly have at your disposal international science-fiction, horror, action and fantasy short films, chosen wisely.

Now, we are hosting a free-admission short film screening, we have already made four editions,  where we show some of the short films that we had already shared in “Me gustan cortos” —always asking for permission, even if they were free-access short films—, and people really enjoyed it. It takes place in the Casyc Up —a bank foundation—, which has a cinema screen in one of its rooms and also collaborates with Cantabrian film makers and they are very happy to host this event.

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About forty international films have passed through this show, resulting in a unique event in the region where it is located with great acceptance among the audience.






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