“Me Gustan Cortos IFF” is born in Cantabria (Spain) due to the lack of variety at screenings and festivals from this region, where genres such as science-fiction, action or thriller are usually put aside, as they are not considered to be “good cinema”.

This project —which intends to become international— was created under the premise to find short films of those genres —mostly of them accessible to the public through the Internet—, share them and show the undeniable cinematic quality of countless works from all over the world. That is how here you will regularly have at your disposal international science-fiction, horror, action and fantasy short films, always wisely chosen.

Nowadays we are hosting free-admission short film screenings. We have had seven editions, in which we show some of the short films that we had already shared on our “Me Gustan Cortos IFF” social networks —always contacting filmmakers, even if their works had free access—, and people have really enjoyed them. These events take place at Casyc Up —a bank foundation—, where there is a cinema screen in one of its rooms. This entity often collaborates with Cantabrian filmmakers and it is glad to host this event.

About forty international films have passed through this show with great acceptance among the audience, resulting in a unique event in this region.

In one of the editions we counted with the presence of Nicolás Caicoya —“Hyena’s Blood”—, two-times winner at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In the 5th edition, we screened a short film by Vincent D’Onofrio —“Five Minutes Mr. Welles”— and the actor sent some DVD copies of his work to raffle among the audience.

At this moment, we are thinking about our festival’s future: we are trying to get funding for our project, so it can become a reference cinema festival in the North of Spain where international filmmakers can come to share their experiences with our audiences.

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About forty international films have passed through this show, resulting in a unique event in the region where it is located with great acceptance among the audience.


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