Tears in the rain

Tears in the rain”, by Christopher Grant Harvey, is a sci-fi short film set in Blade Runner’s universe, which has got several festival selections and awards. With an amazing cinematography, great performances and a remarkable soundtrack by Siddhartha Barnhoorn, “Tears in the rain” takes us to that time before John Kampff had created the famoust Voight-Kampff test to detect replicants. [English subtitles available]

“Tears in the rain” de Christopher Grant Harvey es un cortometraje de ciencia ficción ambientado en el universo de Blade Runner. Con varias selecciones y premios y con una increíble fotografía, ambientación, interpretaciones y destacable banda sonora de Siddhartha Barnhoorn, “Tears in the rain” nos sitúa tiempo antes de que John John Kampff crease el famoso test Voight-Kampff para detectar replicantes. [Subtítulos en inglés disponibles]

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